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Drive Traffic To your Website with a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Are you getting the most value from your current AdWords campaign?

Pay-per-click (or PPC) marketing is straightforward. You buy ads on Google, and pay each time someone clicks the ad to visit your site. However, running a PPC campaign well takes experience and planning—after all, you don’t want to pay lots of money for clicks that don’t actually improve your bottom line. NZ Web Solution ensure a PPC campaign geared toward the best possible returns for your business.

NZ Web Solution offers experienced and effective pay-per-click management services so you can quickly and easily get more customers and more website visitors.

Leverage Google AdWords and Bing Ads to grow your reach and get your message in front of the people who are searching for the products or services you offer.

We offer the most experienced and trusted PPC consulting and campaign management, so your brand can be offered to interested customers the moment they start searching for the products and services you offer.

If it feels like your PPC campaign has become a black hole that sucks in your marketing budget without generating sufficient ROI, it’s time to talk to us. Our team of PPC experts will build, fix, and optimize your paid campaigns to ensure that you thrive in a constantly changing and competitive landscape.

Over the years, we’ve acquired a wealth of experience, solved countless problems, and have worked on every type of PPC campaign imaginable. We’re knowledgeable across multiple platforms including AdWords, Bing, AdRoll, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Additionally, we create custom designed landing pages optimized to drive conversions from all PPC campaigns that we manage. Our PPC management team continuously delivers highly profitable results for customers in multiple industries. From consistently selling out products for a consumer ecommerce company to generating thousand dollar leads for a B2B services firm, we’ve done it all.

Our PPC Services:

  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Remarketing and Retargeting
  • Google Shopping Campaign
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Landing Page and Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Paid Social Media Advertising

How we render the best PPC advertising services!

  • Keyword Research:

We use various online keyword research tools to find the best suggested keywords for the product or service to be advertised. We then refine these further depending on the results from the Adword campaign and the conversion rate of these leads.

  • Campaign Setup:

We set up the Google Adword account, ensure junk traffic is filtered out and monitor it, eliminating non-productive traffic and slowly bringing up the quality score of the relevant keywords, reducing the bid price until the campaign is running at an acceptable level. The campaign will then run as long as you want it to and produce a steady stream of leads at a reasonable cost.

A variety of ads are created and split-tested to find the most productive calls to action for the keywords. Different bid prices are also tested to find the best position for the ads.

  • Campaign Management:

To be effective, keyword advertising requires frequent monitoring and adjustment. As part of campaign management, we will perform the following:

  • Bid price adjustments
  • Ad adjustments
  • Landing page adjustments

Powerful Reporting & Tracking:

Our experts use tracking tools like Google Analytics in order to attain analytic and bid management solutions for enterprise level clients. Your PPC manager will provide a detailed analysis and report on how your campaign is performing.

Let’s Get Started.

A well-crafted PPC campaign can help drive the type of traffic you’re looking for and show you where you have the opportunity to begin ranking organically. When you let us run your pay-per-click campaign, our experts will put the time and effort forth to build a strategy that will have a positive impact on your site’s traffic. Our goal is for the clicks you pay for to be the ones that will help grow your business.

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